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We Provide Quality Multi electronic meters

Analog, digital or multi powered

Bangladesh has good demand of different types of low voltage electrical meter such as Single Phase Electronic meter, Three Phase Electronic Meter, Prepayment and along meter. These meters are most essential items & widely used in homes, shops, high rise apartment & commercial building industries and many other locations where electrification in needed. At present a large quality of different types of electrical products are coming up by importing from foreign countries and some local meter industries are engages in assembling single phase meter. BPDB, DPDC, DESCO, NESCO, PGCB & WZPDCO have already started to replace Digital meter by Prepaid meter from last one year and REB has plan to replace single phase Digital meter by Prepaid meter. Single phase electronic prepaid meter is very potential for manufacturing items in Bangladesh.

  • 100+


  • 30+

    LED Bulb

  • 35+

    PCB assembly

Our Services & product detail:

Service 1

Three Phase Electronic Meter

Service 2

Prepayment meter

Service 3

Multi Function Power Meter

Service 4

Assembling LCD Circuit to main Ckt

Service 5

Analog Panel Voltmeter

Service 6

Energy Meter Test Equipment

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